Eppard Vision Digital Scrapbook Service

Preserve your memories to DVD in a video production that includes photos, music, photo captions, voice-over narration, video footage, newspaper clippings, and documents of value.

A digital scrapbook allows individuals and communities to record, preserve, and share their stories in a video montage of sound and motion.

Our digital scrapbooking service was recently featured on KVOS-TV. Click on the 5-minute video below to learn more about Eppard Vision's unique service from Eppard Vision founder Molly Foote and customer Kori Burwell.

Digital Scrapbooking with Eppard Vision from ENW with Deb Slater on Vimeo.

Why Create a Digital Scrapbook?

What's Included?


All proceeds from Digital Scrapbooking Services support Eppard Vision programs. Please let us know how we can help you in creating your custom video production.

Custom Package - $50.00/hour

Most projects require 5-10 hours labor and include 50-100 photos. However, if you are providing digital photographs, a slideshow with music can be created in 1-2 hours. When adding video footage and narration, the project is likely to require 10-20 hours, depending on the amount of video and audio footage provided.

Eppard Vision will provide a cost estimate prior to service. We will work with you to create an affordable and treasured project.

Services Provided

Customer Feedback

Eppard Vision brings the past alive. Molly's unique gift of learning what your family is all about is evident in each perfectly customized DVD. This service gives you a new perspective on the beauty of your own life by pairing photos, video footage, artwork, and voiceovers with your favorite music. We have watched ours countless times and never cease to be moved to tears by what Molly has created. It makes us feel more connected as a family and will be treasured for the rest of our lives.

- Kori and Dan Burwell

Molly Foote's work with Home Port Learning Center's video presentation has helped define us to the viewers as an effective and essential part of our community. Molly's interviewing, editing, and production created a sensitive but factual image of our organization. We have received thousands of dollars from donors that have stated that they were moved by Molly's presentation. Through her work, Molly conveyed the message we wanted the public to hear: We are a valuable asset to the community and the community must support us.

- Mike Baker

The DVD Eppard Vision created from our photos and video footage captured our family milestones and had us laughing, crying, and smiling. The Digital Scrapbook captured the spirit of our kids and the joys we've shared together. What a great gift!

- Wendy and Isaac Blum

If you want to honor your family's history in a truly unique and timeless way, Eppard Vision's Digital Scrapbooking Service is the perfect gift. This revolutionary method of combining your family's photos and video footage and setting them to music on a DVD is more powerful than I can explain. Eppard Vision is an invaluable resource for helping to honor the important people in your past and present.

- Annie McGary