Applied Preservation Technologies (APT)

Limited consideration of cultural resources during project planning and permitting has resulted in the destruction of our collective history, a weakening of our sense of community, and costly project delays. Cultural resources include archaeological sites, historic buildings, traditional cultural properties, historic districts, and other places of cultural importance.

APT Mission Statement

APT’s mission is to preserve stories past by protecting cultural resources and promoting the preservation of our collective history through collaboration, planning, and education. APT promotes the application of sound management principles during all phases of development so that effects on cultural resources are addressed. This type of planning supports socially responsible development and healthy communities.

APT’s Innovative Approach

APT Offers:

Cultural resource management consulting services for regulators, government agencies, tribal governments, developers, and cultural resource professionals (for an example, click here).


Educational programs illustrating the link between effective cultural resource management and strong communities (for an example click here).

A particular focus of the APT Program is the provision of training, education and program development for Native American tribes and government agencies.

APT Client List

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APT’s Recent Successes