What Is Eppard Vision?

Eppard Vision is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to strengthening community and improving the lives of children by expanding global awareness, encouraging appreciation of diversity, and promoting social responsibility. Through our programs and services, we seek to model generosity, empathy, compassion, ingenuity, social responsibility, and dedication to future generations and to promote a global community where all are treated with dignity and respect.

The Eppard Vision Annual Fund

Our annual fund is the opportunity for a yearly investment in Eppard Vision. It is a pooling of resources from individuals, businesses and other friends of the non-profit, which enables Eppard Vision to expand our offerings and enrich our programs. Gifts to the Annual Fund allow us to fund our most pressing needs and ensure the success of the programs and services Eppard Vision provides. Annual Fund donors recognize success is a journey, not a destination, and they provide the financial resources necessary to guarantee Eppard Vision's continued margin of service.

An Opportunity to Grow Eppard Vision supports program that broaden people of all ages perspective on the world and their knowledge of their own capabilities. Many are afforded opportunities for experiences they may never have had before - the opportunity to learn social skills in an increasingly atomized culture, sharing experiences with someone from a different cultural or economic background. Throughout these new experiences, people are encouraged by a close-knit and supportive community to find the connection between the world and the self they are coming to know - to discover how they will reach their full potential.
Strengthen Community As grandparents carry family stories, Eppard Vision works to preserve and share stories of community. When people possess a strong sense of place and belonging, they are more invested in building community and are better able to nurture their relationships, strengths, and abilities. Unfortunately, many people are feeling detached and isolated in their communities and it’s having a devastating impact on their personal growth and development. Eppard Vision has a comprehensive approach to strengthening community where we provide direct service as well as promote the preservation of our collective history through educational programs, digital storytelling, and sustainable cultural resource planning.
“Global Neighbor” Membership Campaign Our vision is to strengthen community by expanding global awareness, encouraging appreciation of diversity, and promoting social responsibility. Lofty goals? Yes. Achievable? Absolutely! We are certain many of you already work hard to support these goals, and we want to hear your stories. We invite you to learn more about our programs and join us in our efforts to identify and celebrate the many Global Neighbors whose positive actions serve to strengthen community every day.
How do Global Neighbors strengthen their community and beyond? Eppard Vision believes we all do this when we:
  • Hear the voices
  • See the faces
  • Feel the stories
  • Listen and act with empathy and compassion
  • Model these traits so others will follow
We hope you are moved to support Eppard Vision as we effect positive change in our community and beyond. Help us expand the Global Neighborhood.

How You Can Help

Become an Eppard Vision member today and pledge to be a Global Neighbor. Click here to download membership form.

Donate to Eppard Vision safely online through PayPal or click here to download a donation form and mail it to Eppard Vision. All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Thank you for supporting Eppard Vision and our efforts to create a global community where all are treated with dignity and respect.